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60m2 Minor Dwelling

60m2 Minor Dwelling

Removing Shrink wrap from a reclad

Hold up & Dig out


House Build

A day on Cladding

Container fit out


Up Front Builders got the call from Force Racing to fit out there new storage container for the new stock of winner Opti’s coming in to the country. 

Nice Deck


In 2011 Up Front Builders completed this wonderful deck with glass front. The client wanted to maintain more of a rustic look but loved having the glass, so we dropped panels of glass into the wooden uprights!

Sleep Out Required

In 2011 we got an urgent call to build a sleep out. This is what we came up with, designed and built by Up Front Builders on time and under budget!

A Garage Conversion in Takapuna

In 2012 Up Front Builders completed a garage conversion in Takapuna. The client has their third baby on the way and need to expand their living space quicker than Mummy's tummy!

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